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“L” is for “Largo”
Me and Margo Pavone
Spent the Summer listening to the Smiths on vinyl
And she swore it sounded better
But I still prefer my CDs
Ripped to 320 mp3
Don’t give me FLAC, man
I haven’t the time or space for that

Every person I adore grinds me down a little more
I was born with 33, August left me 24

“P” is for “Presto”
Me and Ernesto Coruja
Spent the Autumn reading Oscar Wilde
And he swore it felt better to correct all my grammar
His crimson ink quelled my innocent manner
But I silently dissented
Words don’t snap just cause they’re bended
Just cause they're bent

I began with 24, the harvest stole another nine
You made me in your image but I still don’t feel divine

“G” is for “Grave”
J. B. Perroquet and I
Spent the Winter wandering through snow-laden graveyards
And he swore it felt better to contemplate mortality
Cause frostbite is more real than sunburn could ever be
I indulged
His collegiate concepts stung my skull

December froze and shattered my remaining 15 ridges
And by Valentine’s I had no spine to speak of
There’s no hope for next year

“C” is for “Coda”
Matilda Nachash and I
Spent the springtime snorting coke and smoking
And she swore it felt better than the clutches of anxiety
Until we both OD’ed
Beneath the High School’s apple tree
Her father found both our bodies
We drank from IV’s for the next week
Ain’t that bittersweet
Ain’t that bittersweet

I’m losing touch
I lack a backbone
A pink mass of flesh
Number 132 in your Pokedex
And what’s more I conform to all that I adore
Contort myself into a grotesque figure writhing on the floor
Transform into a discount amalgamation of everything I’ve ever seen
Believe all that’s before me and
Raise my gaze skyward to read guillibe on the ceiling
Overwhelmed by my feelings
And disparate thoughts of what I’ve been taught

I’m healing
But shedding skin takes pulling and peeling


from Junior, released December 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Darth Nater Buffalo, New York

Solo project of Orca Enthusiast/Musician Nate Noworyta.

Lyrically dense story-songs filled with detailed imagery and characters, rooted in indie rock and folk.

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