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Holy shit, what was that sound?
I think my car broke down
There’s not a soul around
There’s not a single town within feasible walking distance
The most rational action would be to call for assistance
But my phone died while I was listening to Spotify
And now I’m helpless

I pop the hood
Pretend to know what I’m doing
This is what art school does to the youth of America
In the wastelands of Nevada I play act a mechanic
I blew a gasket
How fucking fantastic
This is just what I need
This is just the bee’s knees
Actually I could use some sweet honey
My hands won’t stop shaking and my tummy is rumbly
Oh bother, Oh brother, Oh father, Oh mother
I love you as much as I love all the others
Smothered by the oppressive desert sun
But night comes and my fingers are freezing and numb

No peace to be found
Surrounded by coyotes
Howling and striding wryly through the Mojave
I’m a prize
I’m a trophy
I’m actually kind of bony
Can’t you fellas see I don’t have much meat on me?
You can’t reason with a killer
I was the runt of my litter
Now I’m dinner for some hungry young pups
Getting thinner by the hour
I wave my torch like I’m suffering a seizure
I'll teach these beasts to fear us creatures!

This is America, not Samaria
And it’s quite evident by the looks that I get
I must have deserved this turn of events
"Take some personal responsibility!"
A man screams at me through the window of a 1953 Lamborghini
It rolls on by as the shimmer of his bumper sticker blinds both my eyes
Make America Great Again

Hell-bent on something
I’m not sure what
I upchuck what little food’s left in my gut
As two guys in a rusted old pick-up truck
Plastered with the confederate flag roll up
They’re sporting the symptoms of second amendment pride
Is this how all the pretty young yankee boys die?
I must have come across as terrified
One laughs himself silly, the others got kind eyes
He says, “Hey man, it looks like you could use a ride”
I say, “You know what? You’re goddamn right."


from Junior, released December 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Darth Nater Buffalo, New York

Solo project of Orca Enthusiast/Musician Nate Noworyta.

Lyrically dense story-songs filled with detailed imagery and characters, rooted in indie rock and folk.

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